Subharmonic City Music Videos

Your band worked hard to get where you’re at today.

So now that you’ve got your masterpiece recorded,

the next step is to bring that music to life with visuals.

Whatever vision you have for your music,

Subharmonic City will help make it a reality.


Check out some of our music videos!


Packages start at $500

Options include:

multiple locations, special effects,

custom color work, lighting, set production, art direction, storyboarding, conceptualization, etc.

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For $325 you can get a most excellent video! 

One location.       Custom coloring.

Multiple takes.   Up to  4 hours.

Pretty much, I show up with my camera and make you look awesome.


Subharmonic City now offers lyric video creations.

From simple, minimalistic videos, to full-blown graphics-intensive and action-packed 

content. Projects start at $250.


All that practice, all those rehearsals,

all those hours, lead up to one thing.    

Play live.  

Subharmonic City can capture your live performance

and more importantly, your sound. We can take a feed straight from the board and/or multiple mics

to capture what matters most to a band.

Your music. 

Live Recording

For $200 you get an hour of live footage from multiple camera angles.  Additional 30-minute blocks are $75​.

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