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I'm Hector Gallardo. A lifelong music fan and musician. I've always worked corporate jobs and indulged in my hobbies on my off-time. It wasn't until my FOURTH lay-off that I decided to be done with the corporate world and try to do things on my own. My newest hobby, filmmaking, became my main focus. Here we are 5 years later still doing what I absolutely love. 


Subharmonic City was originally going to be the name of a podcast I was going to start. In music, subharmonics are the notes or sounds you don't quite hear, but you definitely feel them. Just like the subjects of the aforementioned podcast idea. The artists, businesses, musicians, or other El Paso talent that don't quite get the exposure they deserve. The stuff you don't hear about, but definitely feel the effects from. 

My idea expanded into experimenting with lots of video ideas which led to music videos becoming my main focus.  From there, the next obvious step was to try my hand at filmmaking. It proved to be a perfect fit for me and I'm excited to keep expanding on these ventures. 


I offer a variety of video, photography, and filmmaking services to suit any need. 

Music Videos

Weddings and Quinceañeras



Color Correction



Short-form Video Content

Social Media Marketing Content


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